Poker Terms – Slow Playing

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Slow playing is a poker term that refers to the opposite of bluffing: betting weakly or passively with a strong holding rather than betting aggressively with a weak one. In this article we will outline the ideal conditions for slow playing: You must have a   ❱ Read More by Steve Carr
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Poker – Freeroll Tournaments

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While the term ‘Freeroll’ poker refers to two possible situations: a Freeroll poker hand and a Freeroll poker tournament. The main use of the term refers to a tournament in which cash and prizes are offered to the winners but there is no entrance fee.   ❱ Read More by Steve Carr
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Poker Strategy – Mathematical Thinking

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Poker is a game of skill more than it is a game of luck, have you heard this before? And when it comes to skill and strategy mathematics is key. And talk about what’s in the air, you may have heard of this one as   ❱ Read More by Steve Carr
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Learn Basic Poker Odds

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Poker odds can seem confusing at first, but if you're going to take poker seriously then having a basic knowledge is critical. Like it or not, poker is an odds game. Every hand you play has odds, probability and statistics attached to it. But don't   ❱ Read More by Steve Carr
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