Early Prediction – Super bowl Betting

Early Prediction – Super bowl BettingFrom a global perspective US, football is one of the biggest motors of sports gambling. The fever for predicting which team will win the super bowl starts many months in advance. No matter which US State people are from or have a connection with, there is always a favorite team to win it all that is also translated into betting action. As soon as the last Super Bowl was over, many betting sites and Sportsbooks all over the globe quickly opened up their respective betting markets on the next one, that, of course, being the Super Bowl LII, and as such if you want to have a long-term bet then it may be advisable to put your money down on who you think will be the winner sooner rather than later.

The odds on the Super Bowl LII are of course going to be changing as the month’s progress and as results are known, however, there is no getting away from the fact that there are some rather juicy and very tempting odds on offer, if you are prepared to lay your money down well in advance.

As such, and for all the avid sports fans that are looking for which teams are attracting some large volume of wagers, even though the next Super Bowl final is a long way away here are some facts.

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It will probably not surprise you to learn that the New England Patriots are leading all of the betting markets in regards to their current odds as the likely winner of the Super Bowl LII and if you shop around right now you are going to find odds on offer of around the 9/2 mark.

There are four teams that are next listed in most betting markets at odds of around 10/1 and they are the Green Bay Packers, the Seattle Seahawks the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Another team that has been attracting quite a bit of money are the Atlanta Falcons and if you do think they have a chance of winning the title then make sure you grab the odds of 12/1 that are currently available, however you may fancy teams such as the Oakland Raiders who have odds of 16/1 at the minute or you could prefer laying your money down on teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs or Denver Broncos who are both available at odds of a quite generous 20/1.

Currently, the Arizona Cardinals the Carolina Panthers, the New York Giants and the Minnesota Vikings are all teams who are at 25/1. If you are wondering which teams are currently the underdogs and the outside, it’s no surprise for many fans of the sport, the underdogs are the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns who have odds of 250/1 each! If you are up for an early prediction of Super Bowl, sign up at BetRegal.com

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