Poker dos and don’ts

Poker dos and don'tsIt is very important to know what not to do at a poker table if you want to be successful as a poker player.

These are basic rules, which should be kept to in order to optimize your success at poker.

Play at your turn. There is nothing that people hate or loathe at a table is someone who plays out of t urn or makes movements before his or her turn.

Don’t Play Every Hand. Choosing to fold is making a calculated decision to manage and maximize your funds. Money not lost, is the same as money won.

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Never play poker with money, which you cannot afford to lose!

Don’t Bluff Just for the Sake of Bluffing. Bluffing is a part of the game, but it takes skill to know the perfect time to bluff as well as who to bluff against.

Play good hands. Just don’t play hands for the sake of playing, this would only ensure that you lose money hand over fist.

Keep your emotions in check. You might get a good hand during the course of the game and it is expected that you keep your cool and not give too much away.

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Avoid turbo-tournaments. If you are an above average player minimize the luck factor

Set yourself a limit on how often you want to play. If you become tired before this limit then do not begin any new games.


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