Slot Machine Strategies

Slot Machine StrategiesIn the next article you will find slot machine strategies to increase your chances of winning and help you save money you’d otherwise lose, but you must take in mind that there are no secret tips that can guarantee a person will win on slot machines.

That being said, there are some strategies that can help a player increase their chances of success while playing slot machines

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Play the lowest denomination machine you’re comfortable with. A 90% 5-coin nickel machine loses $18.75/hr. on average, while a 98% 2-coin dollar machine loses $30/hr.

Choose machines with the smallest jackpots. The smaller the jackpot, the easier it is to win, increasing your chances of walking away a winner.

Limit play on progressives with huge jackpots. On the machines with huge progressive jackpots, a huge portion of each bet goes to feed the meter.

Avoid video reels.Video reel slots often pay back a percentage point or two less than their physical-reel counterparts.

Use a slot card.Get a slot card and use it at any casino you play at. While the cashback rewards for slot points are usually insignificant, playing on a slot card means that the casino may give you free meals and will usually mail you offers for free or deeply discounted rooms, and that can save you a bit of money.

While playing slot machines, don’t forget to follow the Slot Machine Etiquette

Also According to you can beat slot with the next strategies:

  • Research slot payouts:
    There are a number of websites that will tell you the payout percentages of slot machines at different casinos. While the casinos do not make this information available to the average player, some insiders get access to this information and publish it online or in specialty magazines and newsletters.
    Know your limit
    Set a “lose limit” and a “double my money” amount before you enter the casino.
  • Make a long-range plan. If you’ll be vacationing in a gambling town or spending several days to play, it’s best to figure out how you’ll budget your funds to cover the length of your visit.
  • Have a few back-up plans in place. You may be surprised at how quickly you can go through your bankroll by playing the slots. And with ATMs conveniently located throughout the casino floor, you may find yourself spending more than you intended on your quest to strike it rich.
  • Pocket any winnings you earn. Play only with the money from your initial bankroll; that way, you won’t walk away empty-handed.
  • Join the club. Join the slot clubs if you are playing at a land-based casino, or take advantage of bonus money offerings that online services give to their loyal customers. These offers are based on how many coins you play in the slot machines or your rate of play.

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